Baby Sweat Pillow
Product Introduction
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Baby Sweat Pillow

near zero height with proper supporting

1. Head groove – concave design reduces the pressure on baby’s head.
2.Fit on neck – the head pad is zero height, fit the newborn’s neck and spine, providing great comfort for your baby.
3.Sweat-absorbent gauze – 100% pure cotton is comfortable and breathable, which can absorb sweat from the baby's head and neck, reducing the heat rash.
4.Round Cushion - This head pad will help correct your baby’s head position in the place, protects baby’s head releasing shaking while resting.
5.Easy clean and dry-it is convenient for going out, and easy wash by hand, also machine washable.

Applicable age: newborn and up
Quantity: 1pc                 Color: Blue / Pink
Caution: To reduce risk of suffocation, recommend baby sleep on his/her back, avoid side or tummy sleeping. Use product with adult supervision.
Precautions for Washing: Cotton fabric will shrink after soaked in water for a long time, please do the laundry no more than 30 minutes. Please use neutral wash and rub gently in cold water, and then rinse with clean water.