Baby Carrier
Product Introduction
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Multi-position, Comfortable & Safe
Multi-functional design for long-term use of 0~30 months

●Multi- position
You can always choose the most ideal way to carry your growing baby in all positions, like sling carrying, front carrying or back carrying.

【Sling carrying】
3~6kg,Newborn,0~4 months.

【Front carrying face in】
Less than 13kg,after baby’s neck is steady,4~12 months.

【Front carrying face out】
Less than 13kg,when the baby is capable of controlling his/her head,7~12 months.

【Back carrying】
Less than 15kg,when the baby is capable of sitting on his/her own,7~30 months.

●Protective Cushion
The design of head and back cover helps protect and support the baby’s vulnerable head and neck to keep him/her comfortable and safe.

●Adjustable Hood
The windproof and sunshade hood with two-stage adjusting button is stored inside the strap pocket.

Thickening carrier straps and widening waist belt help to spread out the weight and reduce the burden.

●Upgraded Breathable Level
The soft and breathable mesh material is effectively adjustable to keep the baby comfortable and stay cool.

●Safety Binder
The safety binder inside the straps can keep the baby steady in the carrier.

●Protective Cushion - Features for sling carrying
The cover protect baby’s vulnerable head and neck , preventing from slipping out when sling carrying.
This is effectively supporting the newborn’s spine to keep him/her steady in the carrier.

Product Name:KU.KU Duckbill Baby Carrier
Materials:100% Polyester
Color:Blue. Purple
Suitable Age:0~30 months, 3~15kg.
Sling carrying:3~6kg, Newborn,0~4 months.
Front carrying face in:Less than 13kg, after baby’s neck is steady, 4~12 months.
Front carrying face out:Less than 13kg, when the baby is capable of controlling his/her head, 7~12 months.
Back carrying:Less than 15kg, when the baby is capable of sitting on his/her own, 7~30 months.
Storage:Please keep it in dry and cool place.