Hello, every one~ 

My name is KU. KU Duckbill. I was born in a warm place. Next to my house there is a beautiful rainbow lake. When the sunrises in the morning, I love lying beside the lake and enjoy the sunshine. Sunbath is the start of a wonderful day, which gives me full of energy.  

I have my lovely family and friends around. Goose mama loves cooking, intelligent turtle papa, naughty frog, and cute little duck. We always hang out and swim in the lake. That is the happiest moment of the day.


Sometimes we do swimming games. KU. KU Duckbill, I am a good swimmier, always ahead the others. I get my favorite prize, donuts and lollipop.

I am a typical Virgo baby. I like to take care and help peoples. I am the best nanny when goose mama and turtle papa are out. I take good care of babies. It really makes me happy when I see the baby sleeping so well and having a sweet dream. 

My friends call me ”Baby’s best friend, KU. KU Duckbill ”Life is simply happy. Hope I can be your best friend.