Product Introduction
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APPLICABLE AGE : Newborn up                QUANTITY : 1pc   
SIZE : 100X125 cm

KuKu Duckbill design, lovely and cute.
Breathable, soft and comfortable.
Ideal for all season.

Cotton articles can’t be dipped in water for a long time
may increase shrink problem. So suggest washing it in 30 minutes.
Do not use hot water or tumble try, please use neutral detergent
for washing. Do not use woolite fabric wash or fabric softener.
Wash with similar color to avoid dyeing.
Partial friction on cloth will cause the weave damage and discoloration.
The fabric is high technology made and the quality is superior to
the ordinary one, however the fabric will be gradually worn out and
improper friction will cause fluff.  

Cover: 100% Cotton
Contents: 100% Polyester staple fiber