Product Introduction


Feature :

The research appears that male mosquito won’t bite.  Only female mosquito under pregnancy will bite. After conception; female mosquito needs blood to help incubation. To avoid disturb; it will be away from male mosquito.  So when male mosquito comes near; it will run.  KuKu Duckbill Electronic Mosquito Repellent is designed to imitate the frequency when male mosquito is flying to achieve the effect to drive female mosquito away.

1.The brand-new multi-frequency ultrasound technology is to drive ...away mosquitoes. 

2.The 3-step Time Setting Device is energy-saving with anti-mosquito ...effect up to 1-3 meters.

3. It’s adopted with acoustic oscillation mechanism which won’t harm human body and no side effect.

4. It is lovely and lightweight for one hand to grasp it easily. 

5. It is equipped with sling for easy go outside with it.

Material :

Plastic – ABS(80°C ~ -20°C)

Inner Structure: IC components; battery     Spec: 4.6x5x1.5cm/20g