Natural Insect Repellent Rollon
Product Introduction



Feature :

• Natural remedies and DEET free. Fresh feel; non-poison; low-irratative and don't stain fabrics. Good for kids use.

• Use natural essences; such as North America Nepeta; Cinnamaldehyde; Eucalyptus; Lavender; Lemongrass to effectively drive away mosquitoes.

• Research shows; North America Nepeta contains Nepetalactone; which is a unique mosquito repellent.

• Roll on  which is convenient to use; good for indoor and outdoor activities.

Contents : 30ml

Ingredient :

Natural Essences Oil

Eucalyptus Oil; Citronella Oil; Cinnamon Leaf; Lavandin Grosso Oil; Nepetalactone; Cedarwood Oil; Peppermint Oil